Wavepoint Inc. is a design + development shop and branding consultancy in Los Angeles

It was founded in 2010 by Stephen Frick, a magna cum laude Harvard psychology graduate and online pioneer. Wavepoint serves all levels of online enterprise, from new businesses to globally recognized brands.

Waves and points are the point

We fuse design, development, and brand strategy to produce the perfect user experience. We eliminate the barriers that usually exist between these disciplines to create a unified field of vision for your brand.

The result is a deeper understanding of how it all comes together to serve your business: a persistent focus on the sum over the parts.

Quantum physics tells us reality is waves and particles at the same time—waves of possibility that collapse into the particles of here and now.

We capture the quantum waves of your brand’s essence and collapse it into a tangible digital asset that connects with your audience in the real, competitive, and nuanced world

Wavepoint’s Services



Harvard experimental psychology background informing decades of branding strategy, testing, analysis, and optimization.



Deep experience connecting with online audiences across many verticals, with an emphasis on luxury and healthcare.



Infrastructures designed to grow with the web and built to last, from global corporate websites to eCommerce networks.

Case Studies

Case Study: RED Development

RED Development

Agency Partnership ✧ Corporate Redesign ✧ Mall Websites ✧ Multisite Network ✧ Technical SEO ✧ Custom CMS ✧ Rapid Deployment

Case Study: Get The Gallery

Get The Gallery

New Brand Launch ✧ eCommerce ✧ Subscription Services ✧ User Favorites ✧ Subscription Gifting ✧ Filtered Galleries ✧ Turnkey Solution

Selected Recent Projects

Get the Gallery
RED Development
Daniel Levine
Manhattan Pain and Sports
CityScape Phoenix
Connect The Docs
A Mob Story
Dowd-Roman Casting
Women’s Integrative Health


Wave Hello

Let us know what you’re working on. We’re here to help you

  • Establish your brand online
  • Launch your eCommerce presence
  • Upgrade your corporate site for a global audience
  • Create a user experience for all devices
  • Capture leads with a marketing-ready infrastructure
  • Transition from an expensive enterprise solution without losing performance

And much more. Let’s build a long-term solution that connects the intangible heart of your business with the real-time language of the web