RED Develop­­ment

Agency Partnership

A luxury marketing agency asked Wavepoint to join them as a design + development partner to create website destinations worthy of a significant marketing spend. We redesigned and redeveloped RED’s complete online network, starting with its corporate website. Wavepoint acted as blended team members, leading all design and development efforts via Slack and Asana team communications and teleconference.

Corporate Redesign

Holding one of the US’s top corporate real estate portfolios, RED required a top-to-bottom redesign for their flagship website, including a searchable database of their numerous properties and a leasing-focused landing page for each. Wavepoint designed and developed a blazing-fast site that communicates both the power and the approachability of the brand, as well as giving its powerhouse set of real estate assets the showcase it deserves.

Mall Websites

For each of RED’s retail mall properties, Wavepoint was tasked with creating WordPress-based rockstar sites comparable in design and performance to those of RED’s competitors Simon and Westfield. We developed comprehensive online destinations featuring searchable and interactive store directories, customized Google-based store maps, dynamically updating deals and events streams, and libraries of local resources relevant to each property’s audience. Wavepoint created four distinct website templates for RED’s properties to address the separate audiences of their portfolio with tailored user experiences.

API-Empowered Multisite Network

To address significant managerial and security concerns, Wavepoint created a WordPress multisite network for RED with its flagship corporate site at the top. Each individual mall property was given access to local administration while the RED corporate team retained full control over the network. Building a multisite network also solved a series of SEO-driven challenges efficiently, powerfully, and natively. Each of the sites in the network was fully integrated with separately contracted APIs to feed their site’s deals, events, and movie showtimes. These API feeds were automated while giving local management teams ultimate manual control via their custom CMS dashboards.

Technical SEO

Our partner agency for this project is known for its SEO expertise in particular. From the outset we understood that several customizations would need to be made in order to make the WordPress environment accommodate demanding technical SEO requirements. We worked closely with our partner to ensure these engineering adjustments were performed smoothly, accurately, and with clear communication.

CMS Customization

Each of RED’s local property management teams was given access to their WordPress property via a customized CMS solution that not only limited backend access to certain functions but did so through a custom on-brand portal. Teams manage their store directories, maps, local retail deals and events, and resource libraries with minimal distractions. Additionally, Wavepoint created training instructions and videos for each of the various administrative tasks and made these materials available to the local management teams in a CMS resources library.

Flexibility + Rapid Deployment

This project runway was short. We agreed upfront to deliver the completed network, including custom CMS and training, in fewer than six months. Approximately three weeks after the commencement of the project, and following the careful development of an initial project timeline, Wavepoint was informed that requirements had changed and the corporate website was now highest priority. Accordingly, we shifted our project plan and timeline, adjusting planned resources as necessary, and delivered RED’s new corporate site in fewer than fifty days.

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